Advantage of Postnatal Services

Taking care of newborn babies in the post-natal period, especially for the first time mothers, can be challenging and overwhelming.
The post-natal care helpers of “E-Mother Care ” can provide professional and thoughtful services to help raise healthy babies, prepare post-natal menu to facilitate speedy recovery of the mind and body of the mothers.

Baby Care : Milk feeding, napkin changing, bathing, cleaning umbilical cord, washing baby clothing and sterilising milk bottles, etc.
Post-natal Mother Care : -Post-natal menu, including nutritional soup, chicken wine, herbal tea, ginger fried rice, pork knuckles and ginger stew, etc.
- According to the mother’s physical condition and needs to faciliate recovery
- Assist in breast feeding (if necessary)
- Prepare ginger bathing water
- Help relieve the emotional stress of the mother
- Escort for medical follow-up consultation (if necessary)

Skills Coaching : Share baby care techniques with new parents, family members and foreign domestic helpers of the employers
Simple Housework : Handle simple housework, e.g. washing dishes after meal
Purchase food ingredients (if necessary)
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